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The manufacturing and sale of medieval clothing

The Chevalier Thibault
Creator in the Middle Ages of 20 years
The Biography
Damsels and Squires,
Gentle Ladies and noble Lords,
Squirearchy, Knights , Minstrels , Troubadours,
Debauched or Soldiers,Villains men or women ,
passionate about history , roll players , or fresh lovers of medieval feasts,
You who pass the gate of my residence will make a leap down the times.
Imagine, … a town encircled by battlements on the Mediterranean cost , horses ,flamingos, bulls,
the king Saint …
Yes, you are right at Aigues-Mortes , which at those days, in XIIIth century under the reign of the
king Saint Louis had seen numerous knights , soldiers and such , women of all conditions depart to
bring the “good word” beyond the sea.
It is from this magical town the Chevalier Thibault creates for you all its models of medieval
Chevalier Thibault offers you the whole scale of medieval clothes, for men as well as women
,conceived and developed for your ultimate pleasure.
The materials are as of yesteryears , in noble fabrics,comfortable, solid, such as : cotton, linen,
hemp,silk, ramie,viscose,wool ,cashmere wool.
Chevalier Thibault dresses the professionals as well as private persons. Custom work is also done.
Open the portal , let you be lead through the centuries , in short come to discover an allways
moving collection.